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July 17, 2017

First year update on 3D mammography equipment from Dr. Sean Haling


To St. John’s Health Foundation and Donors,

I would like to personally thank all of you for your generous contributions and efforts in 2016 in obtaining the new 3D mammography unit at St. Johns.  To date we have done 3,000 mammograms, 24 biopsies, and 17 localizations in the new room.  We diagnosed 15 new cancers this year.  I can think of 2 cases where the tomographic imaging was key in identifying the cancers.

For procedures, the biopsies and localizations have been much faster and more comfortable for our patients.  We have also been able to perform needle biopsies on patients who would have needed a surgical biopsy or referral to another institution for diagnosis.

This new equipment, made possible by your efforts, has made a real difference in breast cancer diagnosis and patient comfort.  We in the mammography department and Jackson Hole Medical Imaging truly appreciate your commitment to St. John’s Medical Center and the patients we serve.



C Sean Haling MD


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