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January 30, 2019

Name evolution for St. John’s Medical Center


After receiving a staff report of findings from research conducted last fall, the St. John’s Board of Trustees has approved a transition from the name St. John’s Medical Center to St. John’s Health, effective Summer 2019.

“The feedback is that the new descriptor is an exciting and timely improvement because it more accurately reflects the full range of services and role of St. John’s in the community,” said CEO Paul Beaupre, MD. “The new name resonates with many people because it is more inclusive of preventive health and other important St. John’s programs that help keep our community healthy.”

The project began in 2018 with research and discovery to ensure St. John’s is accurately reflecting patient and staff experience, expectations, and aspirations. “We thank the employees, patients, physicians, and community members who participated in interviews, focus groups, and surveys and provided important insights into St. John’s purpose, promise, and values,” said Beaupré.

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