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January 5, 2021

St. John’s Health Foundation Board of Directors writes resolution of appreciation


Whereas, for the last nine months the staff and leadership of St. John’s Health Foundation have spent countless hours far beyond the scope of their normal work by raising additional funds and by creating and managing new programs to support the physical and mental health of the staff of St. John’s Health as well as the community at large while that community navigates the life-challenging issues brought on by the pandemic; and

Whereas the credit for this remarkable support is shared by the team of five staff members: John Goettler, Rachel Merrill, Katie Long, Claire O’Connell and Brian Smith;

St John’s Health Foundation Board expresses its heartfelt appreciation for their rapid response, for their tireless work, and for their boundless compassion during a time of extraordinary crisis for the benefit of St. John’s Health and the Jackson Hole Community.


St. John Health Foundation Board of Directors

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