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Monday, July 01 at 8:00 am - Sunday, September 15 at 5:00 pm

Rocking Sage Living

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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of St. John’s Hospital Foundation and we are excited to launch a community art initiative in support of Sage Living at St. John’s Health. Sage Living is the new long-term care community for local seniors who need skilled nursing care, memory care, transitional rehabilitation, and hospice services. This facility will be located on the St. John’s campus, abutting the Elk Refuge. Local businesses are sponsoring hand-painted Adirondack rocking chairs and will display them this summer (July-September, 2019). Beginning in July, chairs will be available for auction on our online bidding site!  The Rocking Sage Living Community Celebration, a roaring 20’s themed cocktail party  on Thursday, September 19th at Teton Pines, will be the final opportunity to bid! To learn more about the Rocking Sage Living Community Celebration, click here.

Special thanks to the participating artists!

Steph Brennan-This chair was inspired by symbols and patterns used in African mud cloths. The symbols were used to tell stories of bravery, wisdom, compassion etc. I think rocking chairs are made for storytelling and that led me to this design idea. I hope this chair can help “rock the sage” living center!

Borbay-It was an honor to create The Money Chair for Rocking Sage Living, to benefit the St. John’s Hospital Foundation. This long-term care facility for local seniors is an important addition to our community, and one we will all appreciate during the course of our lives. My design embraces the high-flying ‘Roaring 20’s’ ethos, of sleek design, big money and the promise of a better tomorrow. There is a certain foreboding about The Money Chair, as, with retrospect, we know the party does, eventually, come crashing down in 1929. At some point, the chair stops rocking, and money is no longer a concern — but for now, let’s hope this bad boy raises some big bucks for an amazing cause!

Deb Fox-I believe our aging community has so much to offer. They are vital, vivid, and active.  They have a worldly wealth of knowledge and experience that can be tapped. “Hot /foot” embodies all that potential, see me, ask me, look here, I am a strong soul with a generous heart.

Katy Ann FoxKaty Ann Fox’s oil paintings host a feeling of peace and respect for her subject as she focuses on texture and color harmony.  She wanders through the West witnessing windblown mountains and sunlight to gather emotion and imagery for her paintings. She grew up in northern Idaho, moved to San Francisco, California for her Masters in Fine Art Painting degree at the Academy of Art University and now makes her art in the town of Jackson, Wyoming.

The Throne of Glory-After delightfully coating this chair with a radiant gold, I took this chair to a favorite spot on the Snake River and painted the lovely Glory Peak. In this rocking chair I playfully allude to the gold frames of plein air paintings and our community’s recreational staple of Glory Peak to form a throne that ensures meditative rocking, pride and smiles.

A Window Seat-It is the coveted position on an airplane as you approach an anticipated destination, but in the world of rocking chairs it seems a window seat should be the destination of comfort and familiarity.  Representing a place I feel peace and acceptance of time passing, I painted a library window with books inside and cheerful sunshine.

Nicole GaitanNicole Gaitan is a self-taught artist who has been painting for as long as she can remember. While attending the University of California at Santa Cruz she studied the History of Art and Visual Culture while working summers at Horizon Fine Art Gallery in Jackson Hole, WY. Her undying affection for art continues to guide her career path to new and exciting heights.

Walt GeraldMy work revolves around exploring the mysteries of nature and of our universe using a combination of old world techniques and cutting edge technology.

Shannon Marie SchachtAnimals, art, nature, and being creative are my passions in life. My hope is to show this passion & love through my work so that others can appreciate it and feel inspired. I’m truly grateful to contribute by painting this chair which helps support this wonderful community.

Sarah WebberI have been painting a lot of bees lately for good reasons, 1) we need to raise awareness of their global importance as a vital link to our food source in a changing climate and 2) they are very colorful and fun to paint! I have always had a bit of “bee-phobia” having been stung a bunch but having discovered bees as a muse for my artwork is helping me with that fear! Of course I tend to focus on the bumblebee as it is fuzzy and cute. I like painting honeybees as well. I wanted to paint my chair with bumblebees but included the honeybees on the arms. I envisioned the chair in shades of light green to set off the color of the bees! I liked the way it turned out.

Boughton Walden-The images that I paint are meant to be statement pieces. A bold, bright adaptation of a single subject. The theme of my work stays relatively in the realm of my life in the west and my travels throughout the world. My style can best be described as modern western portraiture with a pixelated twist, an influence stemming from my work in, and studies of, graphic design. I have been a resident Jackson Hole for ten years, and fell privileged to display my work for the community to enjoy.

Danny Shervin

Natalie ConnellIt is from time outdoors that I derive much of my inspiration, being particularly drawn to conveying the experience and magic found deep in the mountains and desert. However, whether you are miles back in the wilderness or simply walking to your car early in the morning, there is astounding beauty and color everywhere if you slow down to observe it. It is easy to rush through life and miss these quiet everyday moments. Though I may focus on the experiences found far in nature, in my daily creative practice I try to bring out the simple beauty of day to day life. It is my hope that through interacting with my art, viewers may be inspired to slow down and have the world they experience everyday re-enchanted – whether it’s the hundred year old trees they pass on their daily commute or the view of the Tetons.

Abby Paffrath-Abby Paffrath was born and raised in Breckenridge Colorado. As a true mountain girl the outdoors have always been a huge part of her life. In 2003, during her sophomore year at the University of Montana, Abby enrolled in a program that took her to Bali, Indonesia, where she studied the country’s art and culture. She immediately fell in love with the beauty and brightness of batik and began training in the centuries old process with a skilled, local artist. When not in her studio, Abby works as an art educator for a Jackson Hole based nonprofit group called pARTners, an organization that links artists with students to help enhance school curriculums. Abby has taught countless classes, designed large scale art projects for children in kindergarten through 12th grade, brightened numerous hallways and classrooms with enormous murals, and has spread her love for art throughout the Teton Valley, her home for the last 13 years. Abby’s beautiful Wyoming home continues to inspire her and challenge her to make art that reflects the natural world and the way we interact with it, play in it, and rely on it daily.

Haley BadenhopFor all of the chairs, I used modern line work to express the natural setting. This was a fun project to do because there was so much freedom in decorating a pretty unusual canvas – ya don’t put art on chairs very often! My favorite types of projects are when multiple people are involved, working together, and that’s why I was so interested in doing this. I love that the entire community (and tourists who sit in the chairs) get to be part of this project for the new living center!

Alex Keenan Pope and Huntley Dornan

Tamara Ashburn King-Tamara Ashburn King is a 4th-generation Wyoming woman and a multigenerational artist. “It is my whole being in creating art that my work is not too representational. To me, it’s very important to allow the viewer to have their own experience of the creation. To create their own story.Labeless. Limitless. Undefined. With only a hint of suggestion of what I was feeling when creating. Like a two way mirror, both the viewer and originator blend into the artist and enter into a dance. The dance of wild, uncontained freedom that evokes humanness, playfulness, and inspiration to go beyond the edge any canvas.”I was moved to participate in the Sage Living fundraiser because I have two grandparents that are in their 90s. Since my mother passed in 2015, I’ve assumed the role of the caregiver on behalf of my family. There’s no greater honor than to be apart of the full circle of life. As Ram Dass so beautifully said, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

Tess WoodMy goal was to bring the traditional framed, canvas-painted landscape to a piece of usable furniture.  I wanted to convey the pastoral, rural, ranching imagery that surrounds our area and inspire a little bit of respite and calm.  Just as rocking in a chair induces relaxation and a little happiness I used images that invoked in me the same.  Enjoy!

Sue Cedarholm-I am participating in this project because it is for a good cause and I thought it would be fun and challenging to paint a chair. I wanted my chair to be colorful and fun. I was inspired by the colors and motifs of Africa, but it also feels very “western.” I hope this chair brings a smile to your face.

Nicolette Maw
I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to Sage Living at St. John’s Health. I chose to capture the amazing Bison on the Adirondack chair.  The Bison is a symbol of abundance and determination.  I enjoy using many bright contrasting colorful paint strokes to create an uplifting design.  It is a pleasure to be part of a community that organizes events such as Rocking Sage Living.

Teri Mclaren

Lyndsay Rowan McCandless-I was so inspired by the 2017 Total Eclipse that we experienced here in Jackson, that I wanted to create a chair that could serve as a reminder of that powerful moment. We have solar eclipse happening about 4-6 times a year, and while we don’t get totality each time, each one is a powerful energetic moment to be aware of and tap into. Eclipses are agents of change, often inspiring us to release what we no longer need. Sit in this chair to reflect upon that special moment of totality that we shared, or to meditate and send your messages out to the universe!

Will MunfordThe Brown Trout’s Treat chair is designed to honor one of the beloved trout species of fisherman in Jackson Hole. My hope is that this chair – as with all of my artwork – excites observers, revives wonderful memories of the outdoors, and reminds us of the vital role wild animals play in shaping our culture.  I find great reward in creating art that makes you see differently, think beyond the surface (looking at you, streamers!), wonder longingly, celebrate your passions, and long for that next adventure.  That, in my eyes, is the true spirit of Jackson!

Sue Sommers-The name of this rocker is “Gender Blender Rocking Mender.” Our society is viewing gender in new ways today, so I wanted to make a rocker that invites empathy and acknowledges the act of rocking as potentially healing.

Emily Boespflug

Lisa Frist-I am so excited to be one of the artists included in the Rocking Sage Living event.  The chairs that I have completed represent the beautiful area of Jackson, with one chair that depicts the Tetons through a cabin window, and one chair that has the image of a black bear on a white background.  As an employee in St. John’s Child Care Department, I have chosen the third chair to be specific to St. John’s Child Care, depicting our wonderful kiddos in the Child Care Center. How wonderful that so many artists have created unique and beautiful chairs to benefit St. John’s Sage Living.

Sonia Reid

St. John’s Child Care Center

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Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm


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