3D Mammography-Completed!

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3D Mammography-Completed!

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St. John’s Health is pleased to offer 3D Mammograms for the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer!

The new 3D Mammo system works like this: an X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple images.  A computer converts the images into a stack of think layers.  Then the radiologist reviews the breast tissue one layer at a time.  This technology offers shorter and more comfortable patient procedures; significantly improves breast cancer detection rates; and reduces the patient radiation dose, because fewer exposures are required.

Because private philanthropy paid the for equipment, the cost of a mammogram will still be $250—unchanged since 2004.  For women who cannot afford the cost of a mammogram, the Women’s Health Care Fund may be able to help.  To schedule a mammogram, call 307.739.7531.

To find out more about resources, visit GoPinkJH.org.

As part of this installation, St. John’s Health moved its existing 2D Mammography equipment to Sublette County and is now offering St. John’s radiology and mammography services there!

In Sublette County, mammography levels have been below 60% in large part because of the distance necessary to travel to receive a mammogram.  Thanks to this effort, women can now access this preventive screening close to home.

The Foundation has developed a unique series of partnerships to fund this equipment:

  • Proceeds from the St. John’s Auxiliary Golf Tournament and Spring Fling Gala will combine to provide $250,000.
  • Donations from private individuals will be matched by an anonymous donor for a total of $200,000.
  • The National Immunotherapy Cancer Research Foundation provided  a grant for $180,000 toward ongoing maintenance and operation of the equipment.
  • Proceeds from the Teton Pines Women’s Golf Association will provide $150,000.

Community support raises the bar for women’s health care in Teton County!

“This state-of-the-art 3D technology gives radiologists and physicians the best images available, which in turn gives patients peace of mind”

— Karen Connelly, St. John’s Health Communications Officer

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