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Dr. John Ward Oncology Endowment Fund

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Thanks to a beautiful gift from Dr. Emmy Knobloch, who sadly passed away in May, the St. John’s Health Cancer Care is now dedicated in honor of Huntsman Cancer Institute Oncologist John H. Ward, MD. Dr. Ward is known for the high-quality care he delivers to oncology patients. As a physician, Emmy was immensely grateful for the care that Dr. Ward provided her patients. In addition, the Medical Center staff, oncology patients, and their families are grateful for Dr. Ward’s cancer expertise and his compassion for each and every patient that he treats.

 Emmy’s gift honoring Dr. John Ward created the Dr. John Ward Oncology Endowment Fund at the St. John’s Hospital Foundation. Annual distributions will be available for grants in support of the oncology program at St. John’s Health. Oncology staff is invited to apply for grants to advance the oncology program, including continuing education, medical equipment, and certifications.

 Dr. Ward continues to travel to Jackson twice a month offering a variety of cancer services at St. John’s Health. He has provided cancer services at St. John’s for over fifteen years. Between trips, Dr. Ward utilizes the breadth of knowledge and resources at Huntsman Cancer Institute to ensure patients receive the best care possible. In 2017 Dr. Ward received the Outstanding Clinical Leadership Award.



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