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In 2015, Teton County published an updated Community Health Needs Assessment. The CHNA was the end product of more than a year’s worth of collaborative work that was led by Teton County Public Health and St. John’s Health engaged 40 agencies and dozens of community members. The resultant document identified “Access to Care” as the number one community indicator. Hidden within “Access to Care” was a growing concern: that the community had a concomitant issue with access to mental and behavioral health care.

In the fall of 2016, St. John’s Hospital Foundation (SJHF) was pleased to receive a private grant to begin to gather qualitative information about mental health access in partnership with: Curran Seeley Foundation, Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center, St. John’s Health, Teton County Public Health Department, Teton County School District, and Teton Youth & Family Services.

To read the full Mental Health Report, please click here.

Click here, to read the article published by the Jackson Hole News & Guide about the Mental Health Report.

If you are in immediate need of services, please call 307.203.7880.

For more information about local resources, please click here.

Leadership Jackson Hole Presents:  #HereForYouJH Mental Health Campaign

Leadership Jackson Hole is launching a campaign to de-stigmatize and normalize mental health issues within the Jackson Hole community by advancing and inviting an open conversation with the goal of maintaining, promoting and improving mental health while at the same time raising awareness and access to available local assistance programs for all in need.

They are proposing to initiate a community discussion through partnerships with local mental health organizations and media outlets.

They are asking for your help!  Money raised will be used to produce content to serve their mission.  Content will be local media advertisements, stickers, coasters and coffee sleeves that will be distributed at popular businesses.

If you have any questions please contact:


To donate to the Leadership Jackson Hole Mental Health Fund, please click here.


Mental health and the community systems that support it are a vital part of our lives in Teton County.

St. John’s Health Foundation is proud to have five key Program Partners (links below) for this important data collection project. By working together on community-supported solutions, we can strengthen the resources that we have and ensure that everyone has the access they need to mental health care.

Local Mental Health Resources

Program Partners:


National Mental Health Resources



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