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Sage Living-Completed!

Capital Projects & Equipment

This year, we are so grateful for gifts large and small, which is why we created the “Sage Living Wish List” to enhance the resident experience at Sage Living.

By making a gift today, your support will provide residents with art easels, dining place settings, mailboxes, wall clocks, and more!

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Current Living Center Information

Since its construction in 1989, the Living Center  has touched thousands of community members by providing high quality housing and care for seniors.  Each year, the Living Center provides more than 17,000 days of resident care.  It has been rated Five Stars by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the highest rating available.

Despite its achievements, the Living Center is currently unable to fully meet the needs of community families because of the limitations of its aging facility.  It was built based on a medical model, made for the way that doctors and nurses round rather than the way residents live.  A household model, outlined below is the best practice in long-term care and skilled nursing and will be the model that we bring online in a new Living Center.

What are the community benefits of this project?

St. John’s is building a 72-bed facility. The center will provide two 20-bed, long-term care neighborhoods and a memory support neighborhood. Hospice care will be available in all three long-term care neighborhoods. In addition, the center will house a 16-bed transitional care unit for patients requiring short-term rehabilitation after a surgery or other medical event such as stroke. Each neighborhood will offer with private rooms/baths, a great room, and access to the outdoors with spectacular Elk Refuge views. Dining areas nurture a familial experience and welcome friends and family. Resident-centered, relationship-based care is already at the core of the Living Center’s mission, and now the facility will better support the care model.

Community Reinvestment

Reinvestment might be among the largest community benefits of this project.  St. John’s Health is a community hospital dedicated to reinvesting any proceeds back into the community.  This manifests in the underwriting of less profitable service lines, like long-term care, a 24/7/365 emergency department, and community wellness.  It also enables SJH to keep costs low and to make fewer price increases than the national average.  By building a new facility without overly burdensome debt structure, it ensure that SJH can continue to reinvest in our community.



Live Sage Living Construction Webcame

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 Sage Living Supporters

"We've had residents contribute who have been non-verbal. It may be just one word, but it's a breakthrough."

"When my daughter sings for my mother, it is like my mother wakes up. Her face lights up and she is suddenly totally present, even if she doesn't-or can't-say anything."

TimeSlips Storytelling Groups

TimeSlips is a collaborative storytelling effort by a group of people with memory loss, with the goal of helping improve the quality of life of persons by using creative expression.

Intergenerational Activities

At the Living Center, we offer a wide range of intergenerational activities from hobbies like knitting to one-to-one mentoring to group activities like signing.

As our community ages, we realize the potential in linking our community’s youth and seniors through intergenerational programs.  Important benefits for Living Center residents include better mood, more social engagement, and greater connection to the community.

Music Therapy

Music has been proven to reduce anxiety and pain and improve overall quality of life, especially in elderly or terminally ill populations.  Hilary Camino, a board certified music therapist, comes weekly to work with Living Center residents.

Art Classes

Another great example of the way “Life Happens!” at the Living Center are weekly art classes held in conjunction with the Art Association of Jackson Hole.

Pet Partners

Almost daily, there are visits from Pet Partners.  Pet Partners’ mission is to improve human health and well-being through the human-animal bond.

Activity Bus

The addition of a new Activity Bus, thanks to the support the Auxiliary, means that our residents can visit the National Parks and take trips to activities around town.  Residents hop on the bus to participate in the 4th of July Parade every year.

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