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Women’s Health Care Fund


The St. John’s Women’s Health Care Fund, established by generous donors to St. John’s Health Foundation, is designed to provide support to women who:

  • Are in need of preventative health services but cannot afford them
  • Need support for travel to medical treatments
  • Are in active treatment and need financial support for items like childcare, groceries, or medicine.

A committee of SJH representatives meets to review applications monthly and disburse funds at the end of each month. If you would like to apply for support please complete on of the applications below.

Patient Fund Application

Please direct questions to Rosa Montano at St. John’s Health, at 307-739-7554 or RMontano@tetonhospital.org .

Solicitud de ayuda 

Dirija las preguntas a Rosa Montano en St. John’s Health al 307-739-7554 o RMontano@tetonhospital.org.


Thank you to our many supporters!

Prenatal Entry Program

In its first five years, the Prenatal Entry Program for Low Income Women (PEP) has achieved a seemingly impossible healthcare objective for an isolated rural community. Since its implementation in 2010, no low-income women in Teton County have given birth without prenatal care.

A collaboration between multiple care providers–from St. John’s to private OBs–and funding sources, PEP represents the most successful, yet unsung, preventative healthcare program offered by St. John’s Health. Despite being the wealthiest area in Wyoming, Teton County logs the largest percentage of uninsured residents. PEP transcends economic and cultural barriers by pairing proactive community outreach with comprehensive prenatal care.

The community health benefits of this achievement are manifold:

  • 100% of all pregnant women in Teton County receive prenatal care.
  • Comprehensive prenatal care decreases the risk of poor outcomes for both mother and baby, further lessening the burden on the Teton County healthcare system.
  • PEP improves the overall health of local families by providing a positive introductory experience with the Teton healthcare system.
  • PEP moms are more likely to return for future services such as contraception management and family planning.
  • PEP patients oftentimes recruit their relatives to seek out preventative rather than emergency medical care.

Thanks to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole for their long-time support of the Prenatal Entry Program!

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