Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate. For years I made scrumptious chocolate cakes for my sons and subsequently, for my granddaughters, as well as many friends. It turned out I was making 9 cakes from scratch and sending to my family Fed Ex annually. Since I moved to Jackson I have entertained friends with parties and flowers and dinners for their birthday. One day I decided to send them all the recipe, as I was recovering from surgery at St. John’s Health.

I know how much it means to be thought of on a birthday, for I have been the recipient of many happy occasions.

How could I show my gratitude for all that I have received through St. John’s, for surgeries, for chemo, for oncology, and most recent for knee replacement success. Yes, I spoke up more than once to SPET for their part in helping St. John’s at Town Council and letters to the editor. I even submitted my name for the board.

St. John’s Health has recently been honored for excellence. A Capital Campaign is underway  to re-construct the Living Center. Memory Care and rehab for those recovering from surgery will be included.

I have personally received outstanding care at St. John’s from surgery for cancer and chemo at Oncology and knee replacement and after wards, rehab.

I was trying to think of a way to honor a family member or friend on their birthday. At the same time I was wondering a way to donate to St. John’s. It clicked to put the two together by honoring someone with a donation to the hospital on their birthday.

When I was going through chemo a few years back a friend gave me a puppy that became HOPE. When I recovered a year later I got JOY.

They represent the hope for St. John’s and the joy gifting will bring!


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