In 2006, Julie Guttormson had lived in Jackson barely a year when she suffered a stroke. The stroke was caused from three blood clots, each located in different major veins of the brain. She had been a vibrant, active 31-year-old soaking in everything her new home offered. Skiing, running, and cycling were the go-to activities as she enjoyed her career in hospitality sales and teaching group fitness classes that she discovered a love for at age 17. Learning she had experienced a stroke was a shock, but knew she was extremely lucky to walk away healthy and with no side effects. To say the year that followed was “life changing” was an understatement. Julie turned her passion for sharing fitness into a career and crossed numerous finish lines, including Ironman Coeur d’Alene.

With the support of her husband and two small children, Julie opened the doors of Revolution Indoor Cycling in March, 2012. This year not only marks Revolution’s 5th anniversary, but 11 years since her stroke. As a young professional, Julie experienced first-hand the cost incurred from suffering a serious health complication in Jackson, requiring a transfer to Salt Lake City. From this experience, Revolution Indoor Cycling and St. John’s Health Foundation have teamed up to create “Rock The Ride“, an event to help local stroke and cardiac patients in financial need, plus aid in prevention.

Revolution Indoor Cycling prides itself on offering classes for the masses, an opportunity for all ages and fitness levels to thrive. It is with this same principle “Rock The Ride” was born. Stroke and cardiac issues can happen at any age. Through creating an event team, sponsorship and simple donation, your support will help patients blindsided by the cost of this experience and potential recovery. And to thrive.

Photos by: Katy Gray Photography

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